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up the down uppercase

i hate uppercase letters. i always have. in college, when i had to do typography projects, i would eschew uppercase letters much to the chagrin of my teachers. typography teachers love uppercase letters. so do architecture teachers since most of the labels and call outs on architectural designs are uppercase. not me though. i hate uppercase letters.

to me, uppercase represents the establishment. it represents old school thought and old school thought process. uppercase letters scream for attention and contrary to popular belief, i am not a fan of attention… well, at least not a big fan of attention for attention’s sake.

why is this remotely interesting? well, i rarely use uppercase letters in my titles. i certainly avoid using them if i can. while i don’t consider myself e.e. cummings, I do believe he was on to something. his penchant for letting the words speak for themselves, rather than let capitalization show the reader where emphasis and import should be given.

besides, lowercase letters are much better looking on a page or screen. rounder, fuller, ripe, and ready. like pregnant little beings filled with the fluid of opportunity.

i know… weird, right? but then again, isn’t this a much better post than one about politics, green house gases, illegal immigration, or tv?

3 thoughts on “up the down uppercase”

  1. No, no you doing a post about illegal immigration would be interesting. Have at it.

    And Dawn has no right to talk about weird. She is weird. 😉

    I would agree lowercase letters are more aesthetically appealing.

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