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you shook me

Bing Ji Ling: You Shook Me All Night Long

Being a huge fan of AC/DC, I am often disappointed by the twaddle that passes for tribute covers of their music. Most times it’s just some tired bag of estrogen (read as celine dion) screaming at the top of her lungs hoping to appear hip/young… All I can say is that Celine is shit and I wish she would just go away (much like I wish Madonna would just go away… in fact, they may be one and the same for all I know… they never appear together at the same time, which is suspect). But this version by Bing Ji Ling, a New York-based musician, is by far the most creative tribute I have ever come across.

His other tunes are also quite impressive. Remember way back when, you know, when I clued you in to Gnarls Barkley before the rest of the world discovered them? Be the first on your block to discover Bing Ji Ling and show the kids just how hip you are for an old coot.

3 thoughts on “you shook me”

  1. That is a pretty cool version of that song…
    You are definitely the master of discovery when it comes to music.

  2. Well, that was different… but I still prefer the funk version to be honest. I like hillbilly music as much as the next guy who saw Deliverance on the big screen, but some songs just lose a little steam when re-imagined as country songs…

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