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there will be blood

I tend to be very present focused. In fact, i can become so focused on something in the here and the now that I can ignore just about everything else. When coding, I have been known to forget to eat, sleep, and take a break so my eyes don’t bleed.

Sometimes I just need to attempt to do something I have no real interest in for myself. Today was that day.

I went and saw the third (I think) Twilight movie with the Red Queen.

It was entertaining, but I still can’t honestly say I’m a fan. My GF is though and she reads everything Stephanie Meyer scribbles. In terms of volume, I think Meyer is on pace to rival King in a couple dozen years. There was a time I poo poo’d her writing, and I’m still not sold on her ability, but something must be said about a writer who has created a world that millions of fans find worthwhile.

Doubt I’ll read any of it until she starts writing something other than vampire porn, but a writer writes and Meyer fits that bill well.

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