Inherently Different

tough as woodpecker lips*

I don’t watch much TV… well, I do catch entire seasons of TV shows on DVD. Today though I was watching the Discovery Channel when I came across the most amazing TV show ever.

Man Woman Wild

In case you’re unaware, this reality series is essentially a man and woman survival team. The man is an ex-special forces survivalist and the woman is his wife, a broadcast tv journalist from the UK who has absolutely NO clue about living in the wild. That’s where the laughs come in. This show was a laugh a minute.

Obviously the reason this show will be successful is the disparity in skill sets possessed by the man and the woman. Just as you expect, the woman is prissy and seems better suited for an afternoon of shopping than an extended  stay in the African bush.

Catch it if you can!

*The title of this post is actually how the man described the woman in the episode I watched.