Inherently Different

Occupy Your Mind, and Your Ass Will Follow

A quick note on the whole occupy movement:

If a bunch of people with arguably lower than average IQ were camped out on your property, non-violent or not, how long would you tolerate it before you started macing the morons? Protest? Sure… within reason and within a reasonable time frame.. but any protest longer than say 72 hours is no longer a protest, but an attempt to FORCE authorities into actively removing them physically.

One of the articles covering the occupy UC Davis situation had this tidbit:

“I had my arms around my girlfriend. I just kissed her on the forehead and then he sprayed us,” he said. “Immediately we were blinded… He just sprayed us again and again and we were completely powerless to do anything.”

Most rational adults would have probably walked away BEFORE they were maced… course, that means having to think rationally rather than emotionally. Most of these idiots are wasting their time.

I’m pretty liberal… but i just think there are more constructive ways to change the system. Most of these geniuses staging protests would be much better off using that energy and passion to get involved in government and change it from the inside than sitting with a bunch of slackers wishing things were different.