Inherently Different

hallowed ground

I love this time of year (October through late November) not only because it is traditionally some of the best weather in Southern California, where I grew up, but also because it features my two favorite holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving). The one thing that makes it harder and harder to enjoy Halloween lately is the … Read more

I Can’t Care Less

There have been a number of times people get mad at me because I don’t seem to get upset by things. The most common interpretation of my attitude in those situations has often been described as malicious indifference. I wouldn’t say that… but some people do. A more accurate statement would be that I don’t … Read more

Cheater’s Never Prosper…

“Winning is Everything, it’s the ONLY thing.” – Henry Russell (“Red”) Sanders, one time coach of the UCLA Bruin football team in the 1950s. So the Patriots cheated again… though that’s not really surprising given their history since Belichick took over as head coach… what’s surprising is the New England fans discounting all the allegations as … Read more


I’ve got a number of hard core republican friends. I try to avoid discussions about politics or religion with them because we share completely different opinions. A few weeks ago, in talking to one of them we got on the subject of Cliven Bundy… In case you’re unaware, good ol’ Cliven Bundy is a rancher … Read more

Once a Generation…

Looking at a video this morning posted by the red queen on her facebook account, a thought struck me. Every generation has their Elvis. Starting out as a dashing figure in music, making some odd food choices, then slowly ballooning in weight until they’re found dead on the toilet. Morrissey may very well be mine… … Read more

Enemy Mine

I’ve never had an enemy. There have been people I didn’t get along with, but never someone with whom i shared a mutual dislike. You know, the kind of relationship where you are constantly trying to sabotage or undermine the other person. A relationship where the misery of the other person brings you happiness. I … Read more

an angry man

When I moved up to the bay area in 1994, I really had no concept of what commuting meant. I lived in Los Gatos, California at the time and worked in Newark, CA, which is a distance of 25 miles or so. It is a drive that should take about 30 minutes or so, give or take. … Read more

This is the End

I’m going to stop logging in to my facebook account on January 1, 2014. It is a major time suck and actually prevents me from writing in my blog. While I cherish the friends and family I can connect with via Facebook, I hate the amount of time I invest in reading and writing there. … Read more

the zombie apocalypse and you

My friends all know me and the fascination I have with zombies. They have all laughed uproariously when I relate my plans for the zombie apocalypse, mostly because I explain that my main weapon will be a carpenter’s hammer. Aside from being useful in dispatching zombies, it will also be quite useful in hobbling my … Read more

Gambling Movies

Flipping through the channels just now, I stumbled on the final poker hand scene from Rounders. I never miss an opportunity to watch that scene when it happens to be on TV. Could be because I like the movie, but it is probably due instead to the fact that I used to have a gambling … Read more