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Int. Computer Room Music Downloads – Day

I hate that I can no longer download music free when I am unsure whether or not the band or album is worth the price. I used Limewire a lot back in the day before they went belly up. I would find a song or band and if I liked what I downloaded, I’d head over to iTunes or another music service and pay the fee to download the entire album or discography. Though now you can just listen to a snippet and make a decision based on that i suppose.

Don’t get me wrong. I think artists and the production houses should be paid for their work. I’m not sorry that the Recording Industry as a whole is dying off. They robbed both consumers and artists for a VERY LONG time. And the fact that traditional music distribution systems are quickly going the way of the Dodo doesn’t make me lose any sleep. The internet has completely changed how people discover and purchase music. I think it is actually a great thing for the artist because they have much more control over their brand name and see the end result of their hard work much sooner.

Where do you get your music?