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This Is Not A Love Song: A Novel, Ch. 3

“How Deep Is Your Love?” – The Bee Gees There comes a time in every new relationship when you take stock. For women, it’s usually after the first or second date. They talk to their buffalo-assed girlfriends and use a complicated math formula similar to the one used by physicists to measure the atomic weight … Read more

This Is Not A Love Song: A Novel, Ch. 2

“You got to let love rule!” Lenny Kravitz In a short story, I’d be hit with an epiphany and admit all my mistakes while watching Dana’s taxi fight the traffic on the way out of my life. Unfortunately, man is imperfect and it takes time — sometimes weeks, sometimes months — before we’re ready to … Read more

This is Not A Love Song: A Novel

“Love is a battlefield” – Pat Benatar No matter what anyone says, love is a mystery that will never be solved. You could throw a billion dollars and thousands of researchers at the problem of male/female relationships and you’d be no closer to solving the mystery than you would be to putting a Starbucks on … Read more