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Sundance Pt. Deux

Last night I went to the World Premiere of Saved, the new film featuring Jenna Malone, Macauly Culkin, Patrick Fugit and Mandy Moore. The film is fantastic and given the crush of “up and coming” new stars, it stands to reason that the premiere event would be well-attended by the peers of these rising stars.

Took tons of pictures. Seth Green, Mandy Moore, Valleri Bertenelli, Patrick Fugit (who I just ran into in the Sundance Headquarters while the Red Queen and I were trying to get tickets to some other shows today), Milla Kunis and lots of other actors were at the premiere.

2 thoughts on “Sundance Pt. Deux”

  1. did you and the red queen happen to catch d.e.b.s? im looking at the sundance pics and d.e.b.s. looks kinda interesting!

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