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Extra Long Wait

Yesterday, for the 19th day of Ed, the Red Queen and I were extras in the new Richard Gere movie featuring Juliette Binoche, titled “Bee Season.” Looks like someone is trying to capture the buzz (pardon the pun) of the documentary hit, Spell Bound because the movie is about a father who takes his daughter’s rise through the ranks of a spelling bee quite seriously. (To Be Continued)

1 thought on “Extra Long Wait”

  1. Oh my god, they are making that book into a movie? That was the WORST book I’ve ever read. I hated it. I wanted to throw it at a wall when I was done, it was sooooo intensely annoying. And what’s with Richard Gere and Juliette Binoche? The family in it is supposed to be jewish. And from the impression I got, very “unglamorous”. That is rediculous.

    Though I’m sure your acting in it will be quite stellar.

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