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Girl Who Cried Wolf

Audrey Seiler is, by all accounts, a typical college student. Like all college students she finds pressure to get good grades, to socialize and to find her place in a chaotic collection of individuals inside the University system. There are many things you can do to stand out and it is looking more and more as if Audrey found a way to do just that.

When Audrey was reported missing last week, anyone with a suspicious mind would ask themselves why a pretty, nubile co-ed would walk out of her safe, warm and secure apartment wearing a hooded sweatshirt, sweat pants and flip flops. Sure, she could have been just popping out for a second but take in her alleged assault by an unknown assailant in February and you begin wondering what she was thinking.

From the beginning I had my doubts. When she was found safe and sound, I began to seriously consider this was a hoax. Even the police composite was unusually vague. This morning, the Madison Police reported that Audrey had changed her story, saying she taken from somewhere else instead.

Nothing quite like wasting thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of tax payer dollars to investigate a hoax perpetrated by a girl who is so desperate for attention that she pretends to have been abducted. I love this modern world.

2 thoughts on “Girl Who Cried Wolf”

  1. i didnt sound even like a plea for attention.
    my bet is that she was hopped up on goofballs and lef to meet an internet stranger for some hot pervy s&m marsh sex.
    but she’s a shelterd honor student and had to come up with a story on the fly when someone discovered her waking up from her drug haze out in the swamp.

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