Inherently Different

Cry Me A River

What? Monica Lewinsky is apparently “upset” that Clinton didn’t formally state that he destroyed her when he chose to protect his presidency rather than admit that he banged her like a screen door in a hurricane.

Ahh, nothing like personal responsibility to elevate a person beyond their circumstances. See, the former President didn’t ruin Monica Lewinsky. She pretty much assured her own destruction when she chose to have an affair with a married man, stuff a Cuban cigar up her own snatch and temporarily change the name of Clinton’s place of business into the “ORAL” office.

I think that if she truly wanted to put the past behind her she wouldn’t have:
A) used her infamy to land a gig as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig.
B) used her infamy to land a gig hosting a reality TV series.
and most damning,
C) open her mouth condemning Clinton for not apologizing for banging her.

I could understand if she was forced into a relationship. I can understand if she had no other choices. I could even understand her anger if she didn’t profit from i t. Let’s face facts… being a media whore is only a step or two above a plain whore.