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Help Me, Help You

I’m doing research for an article about internet fraud. If you have a disposable email addy (other than the one I am sending this to) and want to help me with my research, please copy and paste this email addy into your web browswer:

and follow the directions of the website. Please use a disposable email addy (a valid one that you don’t mind getting spammed) for any fields requiring your email addy.

NOTE: The email address you use must be valid and you must follow the directions and respond to any email requests to verify the addy you supply, etc.

What I am doing is compiling a list of popular internet frauds and writing an article of what to avoid. The link above is one such company that promises Apple I-Pods free for completing a few mail order programs (such as book of the month, BMG music, E-Bay, Ink By Mail). Once you join one of these programs, you are entered into a database and given points toward an Apple I-Pod. Well, as you can imagine, nothing is what it seems. I’m trying to complete the process to see if they actually deliver the I-pod. So far, the process has taken since April just to get to this point after completing the “main” part of the program which was to join E-Bay and buy/sell something within 30 days. Next, I have to refer X number of people (which should complete the necessary requirements. If you have a few minutes to spare and a disposable email addy, please help me out. You shouldn’t have to actually buy anything. Most of the offers are FREE for X number of days.

Once you do, please shoot me an email letting me know you participated.

Thanks in advance!