Inherently Different


I believe in a few socially irresponsible ideas. It has, on occasion, gotten me into trouble with a few of my more liberal, tree-hugging friends.
1. I believe Greenpeace is a terrorist organization.
2. I believe that recycling is bad for the environment.
3. I believe that most weekend-environmentalists are inherently stupid.
4. I believe the world will end eventually without mankind’s help or hinderance.
5. I believe that 90% of anything that the WWF, Audubon Society, Sierra Club, or Greenpeace states as fact is skewed heavily against corporations in order to scare people into giving them money.
I know, anyone who is reading this and purports to be environmentally conscious will say that I’m unaware of all the horrible things that are being done to the environment on a daily basis. They will spout “facts” about how we are creating greenhouse gases through pollution that are eroding the ozone and causing global warming. They will say that we are causing our forests to disappear through clear-cutting and deforestation. They will say that we are killing off 5 species a day.
The truth is much less apocalyptic and in consequence, it wouldn’t generate the kinds of donations necessary to keep these people who work for these organizations from having to get real jobs. I don’t believe anything either pro-environmentalist or anti-environmentalists spit out because it is all rhetoric. Crap.
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Really, all I am asking for before someone starts to (acid) rain on my parade is to disengage your heart and engage your brain. I’m tired of misinformed do-gooders who don’t read or challenge what they are force fed by people with an agenda. Faith without understanding is dangerous. Passion without proof is more so.