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Who actually believes that we are winning the war on terrorism? Who ever actually believed there were WMD in Iraq? Who ever believes politicians?

I didn’t make as much money this month writing as I should have. Granted I spent way too much time fuckerooning around, what with the Red Queen arriving and both of us getting past the initial tourist mentality of needing to see everything and do everything the island has to offer.

I’m finishing a screenplay that I will submit into the American Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest. In case the name sounds familiar, it’s the company that Francis Ford Coppola started years ago. Can you imagine Francis Ford Coppola reading and liking your script? That would be awesome.

Saw Around the World in 80 Days with the Red Queen today. I thought it was entertaining but I don’t necessarily agree with 6toGo‘s rather exhuberant review. I’m of the mindset that if you can’t improve upon the original either through acting or special effects, you shouldn’t remake a film. This version of the Jules Verne classic tale is rather boring and unoriginal even though it takes the story to areas heretofore unexplored. Just changing the locations and a few of the characters for the sake of modern audiences isn’t enough to warrant a revision to the film. I love Jackie Chan and think he is a marvel of human agility, but I think he was wasted here.

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  1. oh im not even comparing it to the original, frankly i was excited by all the cameos from various hk movie stars. to be honest, it was how an HK production company would do a (traditionally cameo filled) holiday type movie — which is something they do around major holidays like chinese new year. and that would explain my exhuberance.

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