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Hot In Heah!

I’ve been reading a few pro-bush blogs to see their reaction to Michael Moore’s new movie. While I don’t necessarily think that the numbers thus far are an indication of what Americans are thinking, I do think that the film should get people talking about the issues.

Keep in mind that the money generated by admissions thus far ($24 Million and counting) is roughly three times the total number of people who viewed the film (3 Million x $8.00 = $24 Million). This number (3 Million) is about the number of people who are adamantly opposed to Bush’s presidency. If the U.S. population stood at 281,421,906 on April 1, 2000, that means that a little more than 1 percent of the population has seen this movie. Of course we have to consider that a percentage of the movie goers are not yet of voting age (even though the film is rated R, many theaters have turned a blind eye) and some will waste their vote by voting for someone other than Bush or Kerry. Also we have to discount the people who watch the film and will still vote for Bush.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is this: Before anyone starts celebrating because Moore’s film did reasonably well this past week, keep in mind that $24 Million dollars, while more than Moore expected, falls miserably short of making a statement about where people’s hearts and minds are.

If anyone thinks that it does, perhaps you should pay attention to box office receipts this coming weekend… Spiderman for President anyone?

2 thoughts on “Hot In Heah!”

  1. Anecdotal research from Walnut Creek, CA where Bush & Cheney are adopted sons. Don’t know how we ended up here! Anyway, went to see 9/11 last night (A Tuesday for god’s sake) and the theater was packed. In fact it was sold out. Movie obviously has its bias, but hopefully there’s enough there to affect voters on the fence.

  2. i for one wouldnt mind seeing the propaganda movie. Its not a documentary. It violates the very word. Anyway I’m not paying money to see it. I’ll only watch it if someone else pays.

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