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Monkey See, Monkey Do

On the right you’ll discover a new list of blogs. The “barrel of monkeys” will grow in the future, but for the time being, it’s a small collection of blogs that are not only similarly named, but feature excellent writing. At the minimum, they have great links. Of particular interest should be Flying Space Monkey and Selfish Monkey.

Flying Space Monkey recently gained notoriety for the great Denigrating the Overblog 2004 debacle. Simply put, a joke poking fun at the self-serving, self-promoting link whores that blogging seems to attract spawned a series of hateful, vicious attacks against the bloggeratti (the elite, high-traffic generating bloggers out there in the blogosphere) which in turn caused some of the targets to cry foul. Personally, I found it entertaining to see how bent out of shape some people got when someone nominated a blog favorite as being overrated.

Selfish Monkey features the kind of self-deprecating blogging that I seem to enjoy more than the usual self-promoting, narcissistic monkeyshit that is typically found on most blogs. Recently the writer of Selfish Monkey has stopped blogging. Sad really because the writer is as funny as anyone whom I have come across on the world wide wasteland. Read his stuff, then email the writer at (ed at selfishmonkey dot net).

4 thoughts on “Monkey See, Monkey Do”

  1. I like that whole bloggers being over-rated thing. I can name a few of the biggies that seriously are. But you know the view is always different from the top. The difference between the haves and the have nots.

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    I have got some REAL life living to do for a while. Unfortunately, that means the only people exposed to my wit are at ground zero and have to be face to face to get it.

    For a while anyway…

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