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The One About My Better Judgement

I watched a few segments of the VMAs tonight. I can now easily see how, forty or fifty years ago, our parents found rock and roll a bit of a mystery. I look at some of the popular music these days and I’m in awe. Not of their talent, because that is suspect, but of their ridiculous attempts to create music. A few random thoughts:

Lil John isn’t really original. In fact, I’d go out on a limb and say that he’s just a weak imitation of Flavor Flav… he should change his name to Flavor Lite.

Rap artists should be counted among the industries that generate the most jobs. I think every rapper who hits it big employs every fucking moron he has ever come in contact with to help him rap. I think I recognized my pizza delivery guy on stage with the Terror Squad.

The VMAs are less about honoring the best, brightest and beautiful among the musicians who capture our eyes, ears and hearts than they were in the beginning.

Alicia Keys takes pretty heavy doses of prescription drugs. At least that is the only conclusion I can come to after seeing her react (or lack thereof) when they announced her name as the winner of the best r&b video. A team of horny high school football players could have gang raped her and she wouldn’t have noticed.

Overall it’s 60 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

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