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The One About Writing

Have any of you ever participated in National Novel Writing Month? I’m about to sign up and throw down 50,000 words in 30 days. Have you noticed my infrequent posts here and think, “No way. Not even if he had a team of monkeys could this hack hope to push out a novel in 30 days.”

Well, aside from being a Mrs. Poopie Pants (or Mr., depending on whether you’re packing below the Mason Dixon line), I think you are underestimating my abilities. The novel doesn’t have to make sense! See, this contest is all about quantity; quality be damned!

Hell, I pound out somewhere in the vicinity of 20,000 words a week between this blog and my day job… and I’d say almost 15 of those words make sense even without context! Damn skippy!

So, if any of you have ever participated, could you drop me a line… you know, let me know what your experiences were?

6 thoughts on “The One About Writing”

  1. Last year I spent October planning my novel, then wrote 2,000 words on November 1, and then stopped. I bought the T-shirt though, so that counts for something, right?

    November is the stupidest month for this (I have a complaint into the head NaNo honcho right now), but if you have a lot of time and are comfortable with mediocrity, you just might have a shot.

  2. Yeah, that t-shirt is great. Sign up and give it a try; you might find out that you’ve got a really good story in you that’s screaming to get out. Or not. But there’s only one way to find out. (Lots of people submit their blogs!)

  3. never participated before, but have signed up this year – why not, I thought. You should too – I think it will be a lot of fun… and how about…

    Once upon a time:)


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