Inherently Different

The One About Digital Pictures

Well, the Red Queen and I are nearing the six month mark of living in paradise. The road we took to life on Maui was relatively painless… which is to say that our belongings got here safely and quickly. The most notable thing about our move would be that we did what most people dream about doing and survived. I’m writing a great deal, which is the main reason I wanted to move out here, but I could always dig a little deeper into my creative reserve. If I do that, perhaps we could increase our standard of living. I’d like that and I’m sure the Red Queen would too.

Obviously, one of the best reasons to move out here is to experience Hawaii in a way rarely experienced by tourists. Sure getting up in the morning, snorkeling out to the local reef and seeing turtles, eels, and various tropical fish in the wild is the cats pajamas to be sure. The other things such as getting kama’aina rates (locals only), going native (developing a more relaxed persona), and sunshine almost 340 days per year make living on Maui worthwhile too.

For me personally though, the fact that we’re treading relatively new ground is exciting. This land is among the youngest land on the planet. The flora and fauna interact directly with the populace and do so for the benefit of all. An almost symbiotic relationship between man and beast has evolved here and it is rather interesting.

Moving to Maui was a good thing, bordering on great. I’m happy we chose to leave the hustle & bustle of San Francisco behind for the tranquil beauty of Maui. Our next step is obviously to seek a much longer term investment in island life… home ownership is definitely in our future.