Inherently Different

The One About The Election

Okay, the dust has settled and now I can write a little bit about what I think of the election.

Let me just say that ultimately, another four years of Bush couldn’t be any worse or better than four years of Kerry. I’m guessing that over the course of the next four years, many of Bush’s biggest supporters will see a different dubya. The fact is George W’s ego will drive him to seek a much less controversial legacy… he’ll bend to the will of history and look for ways to be remembered in a better light.

I’m one of those weird people who thinks you should vote for the candidate with whom you share similar ideals and beliefs. Is George the answer? Not in my opinion, but I do believe he is the greater of the two evils. Unfortunately, and this is the big thing for me, he won. The majority of Americans voted for him so he must be what the majority wants. And all accusations of voter fraud aside, majority should rule.

My major problem with dubya has never been his politics or his seemingly tick-tight suckling on the floppy tit of big business… for me, his failing has always been his use of religion to simultaneously gather and separate the population of this country. This country was founded on the idea that there should be a separation between church and state and with good reason. Someday, maybe your religious beliefs may be considered contrary to the well-being of the state… and then where would you be?