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The One About Moving

The Red Queen are looking to make our move into a bigger place, one that has an extra bedroom that can house a guest or two on occasion. We’d like to stick around the area we’re currently in since it is only a coconut’s throw from the beach and within our price range.

Once we do find something suitable though, I’m sure we’ll be hammered with visitation requests from all over… my younger brother and his spawn, my father, and a few of my SF friends have all expressed interest in visiting me in 2005.

Right now the condo we rent is okay, but compared to my penthouse apartment in San Francisco, this place is lacking. Of course, a lot of that has to do with the fact that we’re using someone else’s furniture so it still seems like we’re on vacation. Once we start acquiring our own stuff, things will change drastically.

Six months down on paradise and still going strong.

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