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The One About Blog Names

Naming your blog is possibly the most important step in this whole blogging business. For instance, Grace D. chose I Am Dr. Laura’s Worst Nightmare as the title of her blog. As you can imagine, her chosen name pushes buttons like a checker at the grocery store. Before I stumbled on the name The Monkey Diaries, I contemplated using, “One Hand on the Bible, the Other in a Choir Boy’s Pants,” but the name was too long and looked really bad with the design I had chosen.

Heather B’s incredibly entertaining blog, Dooce, has since spawned an urban dictionary entry. I would imagine she comes up in a variety of search engine returns that are at best questionable and at worst, objectionable. I personally like saying it almost as much as I enjoy reading it… doooooooooooce!

Laura, of Daxahol fame, is addicted to her child and named her blog appropriately. Of course, chances are better than good that someday Glaxo-Wellcomb will bury her under the weight of heavy litigation for the right to use the name for a pregnancy-safe laxative. Until then, she’s one of the few mommyblogs I can tolerate… perhaps because she (and Dooce for that matter) don’t take themselves too seriously.

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  1. Hey hey! Thanks for the lil’ pimp! Glaxo-Wellcomb can kiss my ass. If they want the name, they can pay my very…and I do mean very well for it. I’m weak.

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