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with teeth

To further justify my review of the new Nine Inch Nails album, you can listen to With Teeth free right here courtesy of the Monkey Diaries. While the sound quality of my little player pales in comparison to what you’d get if you downloaded the entire album from a p2p network, you’ll still get an idea of what the album is like without having to fear the heavy hand of the RIAA slapping your happy ass like a pimp putting the beatdown on one of his tricks. Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “with teeth”

  1. The chorus to ” Only ” appears to have been written by my ex-wife. Peculiar.
    Once my ears stopped bleeding ( had a few issues with volume control on Monkey Radio) this is a quite jolly noise. Thank you.

  2. Ahh yes, technology is a double edged sword… it makes things easier to do, but it tends to also makes us lazier.

    Cool little application huh? I developed it along with one of my old work mates. We’re in the process of making it a stand alone application that lets users drag and drop MP3 files into a folder, then streams them as flash files inside the player…

    Fully customizable for the look and feel of a particular person’s blog… soon you too can have a whineyradio of your very own!

  3. Not really since I’m streaming the content, which I bought fair and square. No one can download the files, just listen, much like if I played my CD Boombox really, really, really loud on Maui, and you could here it in New York.

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