Inherently Different

in god’s country

I’ve been at various times been accused of being elitist, racist, republican, classist, classless, rude, vulgar and once, upon calling someone a moron, mentalist…

I don’t think I fit into any one category to be honest. I have moments of clarity that sometimes people find off-putting. What it all boils down to is that I don’t mind being the voice of dissent or reason while those around me insist on failing to grasp the obvious.

I’ve been asked my opinion at various times and quite often the person asking the question has been sorely disappointed by my answer. I am not a doom and gloom type of guy and won’t readily agree that the world is ending tomorrow if I decide against recycling. I don’t believe that Bush’s lies in order to invade Iraq were any worse than the lies any other American leader has told in order to keep America a world power. I also don’t believe that war is a bad thing nor do I believe that it should be neat and tidy with few civilian casualties. Nor do I believe in a god that would condemn non-believers (that includes both muslims and christians), which by extension means I can’t subscribe to the two largest modern religions.

I guess I just don’t believe in anyone or anything so intensely that I’m willing to forget that I have a responsibility to myself that precludes doing things just because others demand that I tow the line. I’m not a follower, but I’ve spent a good portion of my adulthood avoiding leadership roles.

I shudder to think what would happen if I was suddenly thrust into a leadership position…

3 thoughts on “in god’s country”

  1. LOL Awwww, did someone fall out of a tree today? *snicker* See, this is what I appreciate about you. I can’t put a word to you. Now, I don’t mean a label…just…a word.

    Hmmmm…Resilient? Maybe?

  2. resilient is much better than retarded… both words begin with R, but have completely divergent meanings… I like resilient, although, my father used to think I was retarded. 😉

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