Inherently Different


A new feature here on the Monkey Diaries… the haiku movie review!

The Wedding Crashers:
vaughn and wilson star

oh how you two make me laugh
make another one quick

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory:
oh charlie bucket
why so sad my little friend?
depp steal your girl too?

March of the Penguins
flightless birds are funny
even if the birds don’t fly
the movie soars high

The Dukes of Hazzard
bad tv remakes
is it about two rednecks?
or slightly bare ass cheeks?

Fantastic Four
comics come to life
tight leotards aplenty
jessica alba!

More to come… until my poetic license is revoked…

4 thoughts on “something”

  1. I hereby revoke your poetic license! Nah, just joking. I saw Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and March of the Penguins a last week, and loved them both. I read one review of March of the Penguins that said because it shows dead penguins that it is soooo horrible for them to be promoting it as a family film, and that kids shouldn’t be seeing that sort of thing. I had to laugh because these are probably the same people who buy their sons and daughters play station games where killing people is main objective. People are stupid.

  2. Yeah, I’ll admit that I’m not really good at writing Haiku… but since when did you need to be good at something to enjoy doing it?

    a good haiku is hard
    like harder than chinese math
    i enjoy ice cream

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