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born slippy

There are a lot of dumb fuckers out there in the ether. After my last post I wanted to see what people say about terrorism, islam, christianity, and related topics. A good portion of the blogs that fall on either side of the fence are from people who clearly have little understanding to temper their passion… at some point zeal becomes zealotry and bad things happen.

Just so I set the record straight about my thoughts… Islam is like any other religion in so much as it was created to bring people together, not drive them apart. Christianity is like any other religion in so much as it sets clear boundaries for interaction between humans. It isn’t rocket science… your god is no better or worse than the next god no matter how hard you pray. I don’t think that islam is a religion of fanatics anymore than I believe christianity has a lock on piety.

The more I read blogs that discuss their religious preference, the more I’m convinced that it won’t be political ideology the pushes our world to the brink of armageddon, but religious intolerance. These overzealous fuckers should all be burned at the stake whether their surname is Akbar or Baker…

I admit that I am an intolerant bastard, but my intolerance is based on intelligence… the dumber you are, the less air you should be allowed to consume.

6 thoughts on “born slippy”

  1. I get what you’re saying and agree for the most part. I think the world religions have totally missed the point – they are all going off on tangents now. And as for your last sentence. That is soooooo not fair – if that were the case I would definitely be turning blue by now.

  2. hahaha, no way dawn… I’ve read your blog! You have a college degree, which pretty much means you can access as much oxygen as you need in my book.

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