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ebony and ivory

Dawn requested an image of the Red Queen and I and this is the only picture I have on my computer that shows us both and in a relatively flattering light. It was taken shortly before we moved to Maui in 2004. As you can see, I’m a dirty mexican and she’s a lily-white girl. How does a dirty mexican convince an innocent, privileged, lily-white girl to go against her better nature and live in sin? You got me, but if only I knew I could sell it to my fellow dirty mexicans in search of lovely white girls to woo.

21 thoughts on “ebony and ivory”

  1. What a lovely couple!…. actually, thats a lie. What a lovely Queen with the unshaven bloke! but look good together. 🙂

    Did you move together or met on Maui?

  2. Hahahahh! Oh, man… this is going in my report. Yes, the red queen makes me a better person.

    Can you see that I have almost as much hair on my head as I do on my face?

  3. awwwww. . .what a cute couple! Really. I like the facial hair and red queen is very pretty. btw – how did she get that name?
    Limey – your question has me cracking up over here. Thanks for the laugh. Seriously, I can’t stop laughing and now my daughter is imitating me which is making me laugh even harder and making it harder to type.

  4. I really like the feel of that picture, and I think you two make a very cute couple! 🙂

    Now, why don’t you answer email? Do I smell or something? 😉

  5. Where does the red Queen sit on the “more hair on the face than the head issue” ? I get abused vociferously at the merest hint of stubble. There again girls scare me in a way they probably dont you….

  6. Hahahah! Pea, now you know what goes my thick head on a daily basis!

    Limey, while the Red Queen can be scary indeed, she actually prefers that I have scruff… the scruffier, the better. I’m guessing this is due mainly to the fact that the hairier I am, the less likely a super model will come and steal me away. At least, that’s what I prefer to think.

    The only thing that scares me is Algebraic Fractions and Clowns. Other than that, I’m a rock of courage.

  7. Have you considered the possibility that the Red Queen prefers you scruffy so that she claim that being with you is in fact an act of charitable kindness? Women- they are very sneeky like that.

  8. Um. . .HELLO! Some women LIKE scruffy. . you know. . .find it attractive. I encourage my husband to go a few days w/o shaving. Its masculine and therefore good.

  9. I suspect that you can’t grow facial hair and are jealous of my testosterone… I may not have any hair on my head, but my face is fuzzy with it!

  10. Hahahahah! Well, you could go out and get both witout too much trouble… then you can confine yourself to being jealous of my island surroundings.

  11. I just wanted to make clear that when i said I prefer my men shaved I wasnt talking about facial hair. Im no beardist…

    We are an island; albeit rather greyer, colder, wetter, and miserabler. we do however also have nit-twit tourists as I believe you also have.

    Im levaing the first paragraph up although its a reflection of my tiredness, rather than my desire of participate in male porno.

    Ill be quiet now.

  12. Dirty Mexi alright.. lol.. how’d you land such a princess? anyways.. great picture… I really can’t imagine you in real life, since all I hear online is this squeaky little voice blasting vulgarity… lol… Cheers mate

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