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doesn’t remind me

I’ve spent quite some time between posts doing things I should be doing as opposed to things I’d rather be doing. I’ve redesigned and rebuilt my portfolio site from the ground up, started building a new client’s web space, and tried to keep up with my writing assignments from my publisher. I’ve also taught myself ASP, ActionScript and how to use FLASH MX to animate.

You might wonder why I would invest so much time on WebDev projects considering that I’m a writer… eventually, I’ll have to move back to the mainland and most likely to one of five major cities (LA, SF, SD, NY or BOS). I’ll need to be a "jack of all trades" if I expect to be marketable to a tech company and learning how to function within a variety of programming languages will better position me against competition for the few jobs available for writers.

Of course, I could throw a wrench into any and all of these plans if I actually sell a script (selling spec scripts is virtually impossible, so I’m not kidding myself). My novel is proceeding nicely, but I have no illusions about whether I’m cut out to be a novelist (I’m not). I enjoy writing and it may turn out that I never accomplish anything other than a lifelong love affair with the written word. Is that so bad? To enjoy doing something and more often than not, getting paid to do it, is what just about everyone aspires to do on a professional level.

So, if you are among the three or four people who have been disappointed  by my lack of posting on the blog lately, I apologize for leaving you hanging. If you’re among the hundreds who visit and couldn’t give two shits, thanks for visiting and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

And if you’re cookie lurking, don’t you have anything better to do?

9 thoughts on “doesn’t remind me”

  1. Wow – sounds like you are very busy indeed.

    As far as moving back to the mainland – I can’t see you in Boston or NY – I vote for California (do I get a vote? hmm. .probably not.)

    But anyway, Why do you think you are not cut out to be a novelist?

    A lifelong love affair with the written word is really not so bad at all – and if you get paid for it occasionally than even better.

    By the way, I bought a book on how to increase your vocab in 30 days. It has a series of tests in the beginning to see what level you are at already. I’ve always been impressed with your vocabulary so I want to test you. . .I’m gonna type it out for my mom anyway – will you take it?

  2. LMAO at the Cookie comment.

    Btw, you do remember that Cookie is my Valentine for this year and that I have sworn to defend her against unchivalrous attacks? I may well to challenge you to a duel or something.

    Sounds interesting what you are doing. Twirl is looking at developing a similar skills set so that if/when she comes to the UK she can pick up work. This is the osrt of thing that Oedipa did, isnt it?

  3. Yes, but she taught herself all that web design computery blah blah stuff before and worked as a web designer or something for many a year before becoming a poetess.

    There is a chance that I have no idea what i am talking about.

  4. I’m sure you’re right… I don’t know enough about oedipa to really say one way or another… although I know that if you argue politics, or the war specifically, she gets rather passionate.

  5. e! yet another insult i didnt’ know about b/c i don’t read! i better start reading more often. off to control-f more instances of the word “cookie”…

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