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crazy train

If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you meet a wide variety of characters… people who, for whatever reason, have issues with communication, veracity, and in some instances, reality.

I can honestly say that I’ve avoided most instances in which I could be accused of being a stalker, crazy, dishonest, or what have you. That is, I’ve avoided it until now. I am now among the millions of bloggers who are crazy. Hooray for me!

I could post a number of emails, IM requests, and comments that could shed more light on this, but I think it is time to lay this particular experience to rest. Lest it escalate into something that could be construed as evil…

UPDATE: We have detente, thus the blogger version of the Cuban Missle Crisis has been avoided… and for the record, I played the part of JFK… only taller and better looking.

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