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wooden jesus

Penn Jillette delivered an interesting essay recently for NPR. As part of the series, "This I Believe," where people are asked to write essays that examine the beliefs that rule/guide their lives. I’ve always thought Jillette was an amazing showman, an accomplished conman, and a highly intelligent man, but this piece is really interesting for a number of reasons. The first, and possibly the most attractive, is that he found a way to circumvent some of the rules, but above that, he offers an intelligent argument for the NON-existence of God.

6 thoughts on “wooden jesus”

  1. Interesting. I felt like I needed “Imagine” by John Lennon playing in the background while reading that. I’m not convinced though.

  2. I find myself in agreement with Dawn’s choice of music to accompany the article. Interesting how any discussion of God et al. becomes more than slightly self-righteous and self-serving.

  3. On a completely unrelated note.. Can you send me your email address? Charlie and I are changing sites, and we want to email you the new address when it comes about.


  4. Yes, where are you? Is “The Last Boy Scoput” worth watching? Need an answer by 9 pm if possible. After all you are Bruce Willis’s foremost fan…

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