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It’s almost the end of the year. I’ve composed a list of things I want to do. This isn’t a Resolutions type list because lets face it, resolutions are made to be broken and I have no intention of resolving to do these things… I just wish to do them at some point.

I have no illusions and firmly accept that some of these things won’t likely happen without a lot of luck and a great deal of motivation on my part. Others on my list are as simple as making them happen for myself. This year, I’m gonna publish my dreams for 2006 here and hope you all do the same for your dreams on your own blogs.

E’s 20 dreams for 06 in no particular order:

Sell one of my two scripts.
Write more, edit less.
Take more pictures.
Smile more.
Laugh more.
Explore every inch of this island with the Red Queen.
Say Yes more often.
Connect more with people.
Surf more.
Take advantage of my natural abilities.
Finish my novel.
Eat better, but eat less.
Get a job on a golf course.
Become less addicted to my computer.
Read more non-fiction.
Stop cursing like a fucking sailor.
Travel to Europe.
Learn to speak a foreign language (other than spanish… again)
Meet some fellow bloggers.
Put more of my work out for public consumption.

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