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seven nation army

There are two stories that I have always been fascinated by. The first is the history of the aztecs and maya. The second is the history of king kamehameha.

While Duane “the rock” Johnson is awaiting a viable script to play the title role in Kamehameha, Mel Gibson has satisfied (at least theoretically) my request for a maya/azteca epic. Apocalypto looks like it might be exactly what I’ve been wishing for.

3 thoughts on “seven nation army”

  1. This has always confused me. Who were the maya and where did they live and same question for those aztec chaps ? Were they concurrent, consecutive or no time line relationships?

  2. The Maya and the Aztecs did actually overlap… The maya were a culture that lived in South america (mostly columbia, equador, peru, etc.) while the aztec empire stretched from Panama in the South to what would eventually be the US in the north.

    There is some evidence that the two cultures did limited trade.

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