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demon days

My GF’s mother is visiting us here on Maui for the next two weeks. With that declaration I give you:

Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your GF’s Devoutly Religious Mother Who Also Believes I Should Settle Down and Marry Her Daughter.

10. (Unlike you) I don’t believe in profitting from someone’s death.
09. Another thing Mel Gibson’s Apocolypto has in common with the Passion of the Christ is they are both works of fiction.
08. Do you believe in God? I don’t… well at least not the same god you believe in.
07. My goal in life is not the accumulation of wealth and material possessions.
06. Marriage is an antiquated ideal.
05. Commitment and marriage are not synonymous ideas.
04. The government uses taxes to subjugate the people of other countries, spy on their own citizens, and generally ensure we are the most hated people on Earth. Clearly worthwhile pursuits that warm the cockles of any Republican’s heart.
03. That’s not stupid… stupid is believing in Religion and Republican politics.

That’s all I have so far… I’m sure as the visit continues, I’ll top these without much effort. Considering we are on day two of her two week visit, you can be sure I’ll have more to post in the coming days.

12 thoughts on “demon days”

  1. Well, the thing is, old chap, we all think you should settle down and marry the Red Queen. Its just that stubborn streak in you thats denying this. If we were all to say ” No, don’t marry her!” you’d be in the church first thing tomorrow morning…..

    Please don’t say Number 10 to RQ’s Mum. It would be bad.

  2. Actually, i’ve already said ALL those things and it is only day two… and the marriage thing is just. not. in. the. cards. NEVER.

  3. Never say NEVER! lol What are you scared of? I thought it’s just a stamp in passport… Am I confused? What will happen if you would marry? Do you think everything gonna change?

  4. Hahahah… you are all nuts. Luckily for me, the red queen is perfectly content to live in sin. I just don’t believe that getting married is important. Marriage doesn’t necessarily mean a person is anymore committed.

  5. hahaha… ok, i would imagine that my gf’s mom would be more displeased to hear me say, “DICK,” than speaking of religion negatively. My gf and her mom are night and day different thankfully since her mom drives me batty.

  6. Tax breaks? Uh, I haven’t seen any kind of tax breaks the whole 7.5 years I’ve been married. We’ve rountinely owed 3-7K every year and that’s on top of zero deductions AND taking out 400 a month or so from our paychecks.

    It’s a marriage penalty, not a break.

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