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sweet dreams (are made of this)

I had the most interesting dream. I don’t usually have free-form dreams. Which is to say that I don’t usually dream about things that I don’t control. Before I go to bed, I think about something and that is what I dream about… oftentimes I dream I am writing an article or a few pages of dialog and I dream that whatever I type is actually happening in front of me… so, when I dream, I dream what I want to dream… well, it’s atleast what I remember dreaming about.

So last night, I had a dream in which I was on some sort of reality dating show… In it, I was dating some girl (sorry Red Queen, it was some random girl) for the sake of the show… we went to a few spots in San Diego (the Mission Beach Roller Coaster, the boardwalk, a few bars, etc) and a camera crew followed us around. Then they invited two of the girls friends to meet us for a few days of fun… i guess the idea was that the girls would meet me to see if I am good enough for their friend. Then the girl was to meet two of my friends to see if she was good enough for me.

Thing was, it was all contrived… In my dream, I had been dating the girl long before the show came to us and asked us to be on the show. So one of the scenes was them talking to me about my habits, my likes, dislikes, etc. As we’re doing this, one of the directors of the show said that it wasn’t working… so they asked if they could do it at my father’s house in Poway. I agreed, and we all went to my father’s house.

My father was hosting a birthday party for my younger brother. So the girls met my younger brother and my older brother who was, at least in my dream, studying to be a doctor. Our whole family (aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, etc) were there to help celebrate. There was a big white tent set up in my dad’s backyard, white linen covered tables, a band… it looked more like wedding reception than a birthday party. So the whole production team is there, along with the girls and my buddies. As the show is progressing, my father calls everyone together to sing happy b-day and everyone complies.

As we’re singing, my father apparently hired a kind of train (really an atv made up like a train) to roll around the tent with a huge fake cake on it. So the driver starts driving around the outside of the tent (you know, the pavillion kind that just has a top, no sides…) and suddenly, the driver accidently trips one of the tent poles and the whole thing came down on top of the party… the camera crew captures the whole thing and it is sheer pandemonium…What was I doing? Laughing my ass off as I am helping people escape the fallen tent…

Weird dream. I woke up shortly after that. I think this is the first dream I have had that wasn’t something I chose to dream. It was kind of weird to essentially be a passenger. Do any of you control your dreams? I know why I do it (long story made short: I had bad nightmares as a kid and I learned to control EVERYTHING in my dreaming state), but often wonder why others don’t do it as well.

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  1. What a funny dream! So if you were able to take control half way through how would you have changed it?
    I have had a handful of dreams in which I became aware that I was dreaming and was able to change the dream to an extent. I think choosing what you’re going to dream about before you fall asleep is a pretty rare thing and not something I’ve ever done. But that sure would be cool!

  2. i’m a lucid dreamer so if i have dream awareness and i don’t like what’s up, i step in and control it. the good news is, i’ve never had a bad dream ever.

  3. Controlling your dreams is as easy as spending 15 minutes before you go to sleep imagining whatever it is you want to explore. If you want to dream that you can fly, imagine yourself flying all over your house… keep imagining these thoughts until you fall asleep.

    After awhile, you can control what happens once you’re in sleep mode.

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