Inherently Different

love can damage your health

I find it rather amusing when someone arrives at a conclusion of who I am through maybe one or two encounters online. There have been at various times, on various blogs including this one, people who come to think they have me all figured out. They, being small and simple minded, find that labeling me a) mean; b) pompous; c) overly serious; d) all of the above; is the best course of action so that when I say something to them, they can quickly dismiss me and my thoughts as being a) mean; b) pompous; c) overly serious; d) all of the above. Call it a pre-emptive strike to avoid feeling inferior.

I don’t really mind. Obviously, these attempts to "put me in my place" are really nothing more than a thinly disguised plea for attention… or more accurately, what passes for flirtation to these social misfits. This is all well and good, even when that attention hails from some lonely, frigid ESL spinster from canada, but sometimes this unwanted attention comes from men… arguably straight, but unconvincingly so, men of British origin. It is these poor, gentle souls for whom I feel the most sorrow. Mostly because they are fighting against their own nature. I say, be free, come out of the closet my delusional British hill-billy. While I am not able, nor willing, to fulfill your wishful, deviant fantasies, I can at least help you find your way into the light of day. I mean, if nothing else, I like to think I am helpful to those who are less capable of being themselves.