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hawaii 78


I’ve adjusted some of the settings
to the slideshow and it should perform much
better than it did previously. If you have any
problems, feel free to comment in this post.

6 thoughts on “hawaii 78”

  1. Yeah, I’m fine tuning. I added an audio track and the full size images were really too big so I’m shrinking them down so they won’t take so long to load. Hang tight.

  2. Yeah thanks buddy… I’ll see you in november… Thanks to your added pics she’s already shopping for plane tickets and hotel for our anniversary nov. 6th. lol

  3. While I would love to take credit with the development of the flash slideshow, alas I cannot. It is a MX FLASH extension by a company called Dominey Design. I first stumbled upon the software when client was adamant about including a slideshow presentation on their website.

    You can find out more at

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