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shake your foundations

As you can see from the little link on the left, I am now pimping a new hosting company who is leaps and bounds better than hostonce (again, the name is simply a description of what the normal business relationship this company has with its clients). I previously mentioned how dissatisfied I was with my hosting provider. I used them for my portfolio site and always had some kind of problem with them. I drove me nuts because no matter what issue I was having (downtime, dns problems, slow ftp access, etc), it was my fault according to their IT team. I put up with far too long in my opinion.

Dreamhost is about the best hosting service I have found in the last year after doing a boatload of research. I have now transitioned four of my clients to their hosting service and have not had one problem. I guess they had some problems recently, but unlike many companies in this business, they immediately owned up to the problems and worked toward a resolution. You have to appreciate that kind of honesty.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a host, use the link on the left or visit dreamhost and use promo code EDESIGNHOSTING when you sign up (you’ll save a few bucks)… pimping them is the least i can do for their dedication to their customers.

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