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can’t have the hop, if you don’t have the hip

A typical evening overlooking the beach by our place in Maui.Fantastic Ride – Coolio
There was a time when random stuff would happen to me, and I, being good at condensing the experience into a few thousand words, would write about it here. Clearly, those days are long behind me.

I really don’t know what happened. There really is only one of two explanations. I am either more boring (less stuff is happening to me or around me) or I don’t quite know how to express it in an entertaining way.

I could talk about my conversations with my simple-minded neighbor, or wax poetic about the variety of interesting police actions that occur in our condo complex on a regular basis. The thing is, most of those stories aren’t entertaining as much as they are tragic.

In my defense, i work from home so my sphere of influence is greatly reduced. My day to day social interactions consist with my friends online or with the Red Queen when she arrives home from work. Most of those interactions are tentatively off limits since these are people who read this drivel consistently and as such, could jeopardize my very existence.

I will try in the coming weeks to get out of the house more.. explore, interact, destroy… you know, like the old days.

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  1. Where have you been? Oh wait. You just explained. Just write some stuff – we’ll read it. I recently posted about my simple minded neighbor, too.

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