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don’t be afraid of the dark

I can’t recall a time when movies were not a big part of my free time. Even as a child, going to the movies was a huge deal for me. It was both release and goal for me, which may explain why I love the medium as much as I do.

I enjoy art in all forms, but film has always drawn me in ways that music, paintings, sculpture, literature, and dance have never equaled. I could sit in a darkened theater for days on end and never miss being outside in the real world. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish to live in fantasy as much as I enjoy being transported by the medium.

Summer time of course is a great time to be a film fan. Blockbuster movies like those often released between May and September are often the most well-attended films released all year and with good reason. Summer time is always about entertainment and the bigger the production to ensure escaping whatever might be happening at the time is always a sure recipe for success.

This summer of course is no different. With so many movies being on my list of “must see” films, it would be impossible to see them all without giving up some of the other things I love. The ONE film that was not up for debate in terms of whether I would see it on the big screen was The Dark Knight. As I have stated before, Batman is the only superhero that has held my interest for as long as I have read comic books.

With Batman Begins, the franchise took a very different look at the caped crusader. Gone were the child like impressions of good and evil that permeated the Burton inspired films. Instead, Christopher Nolan (of Memento fame) dug deeper into the psychological undercurrent that drove the superhero. With The Dark Knight, Nolan explores the one true paradox of life… there can be no good without evil.. consequently, no evil without good.

Heath Ledger’s performance is stunning. So much so that I almost forgot the film was about Batman. If you have an opportunity to check this film out on the big screen… don’t miss it.

2 thoughts on “don’t be afraid of the dark”

  1. I had a creative writing teacher in high school who always used to say that there can be no good without evil, no happy without sad… and said that if heaven was a place with no evil, no badness, and no sadness then he didn’t want to go.

    Anyway, I’ve heard so many good things about the movie… now this. I’m going to try to get out to see it, but with the little ones and no babysitter here yet, it might be tough. I’m happy to know the movie lived up to the hype, though… especially Heath’s performance.

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