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kick is up and its…

you ain't shit if you ain't a charger fan
you ain't shit if you ain't a charger fan

GOOOD! I will be away from my computer for most of the morning overdosing on NFL Football and eating breakfast (hey! It’s a six hour time difference with the east coast (game time is 7 am maui time)  and it’s a 3 hour time difference with the west coast (game time is 10 am maui time). Nothing says good morning like the Chargers beating up on a shitty NFC South team.

2 thoughts on “kick is up and its…”

  1. Despite the fact that his parents are not big football fans, my son gets really excited about it. He knows that we will be watching Charger football with my friend and her husband (both are from San Diego, obviously) so he said, “Mommy, I’ll root for the Chargers unless I like the other team better.” Haha! I told him that sounded like a great plan.

  2. Too bad Delhomme snuck that one in at the last second. I’m not a Chargers fan, but I like the Panthers even less.

    I don’t see too many other teams lucking out like that against the Chargers this year, though. Should be a good season for you.

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