Inherently Different

thoughts that kept me out of the really good colleges

Some random thoughts that have been rolling around upstairs…

Why is it that women want equality, until there is a bug to kill?

I am often impressed by how stupid people can be. It seems no matter how often I think, “gee, this is the dumbest mother fucker to ever walk upright!” someone comes along that is infinitely more impressive in their stupidity a few moments later.

This coming election is notable for the simple reason that after November 2008, at least ONE white house barrier will be broken.. we’ll either have a female or a minority in the seat of power.

A public message to Katy Perry, “I hope you fail as a pop star soon… if for no other reason than you’ll then be forced to pose nude in playboy before your youth is wasted.”

3 thoughts on “thoughts that kept me out of the really good colleges”

  1. Hey, not only do I not need a man when I see a bug
    (I love bugs and catch them and put them outside, I only kill the black widows)I also don’t need one when I see a mouse, I have 3 cats :-).

  2. LOL… ok, well perhaps you are crafted of sterner stuff. Of course, there is still the issue of equality in the work place though… when women can do the exact same jobs as men without making the standards conform to women, then I will keep my trap shut… I am of the mindset that women can do anything a man can do, yet at least here in the US, standards are lower for women when performing such duties as fire fighting, police work, military service, etc…

  3. I will also say that I do not need a man when I see a bug or a mouse… but I do think your point about equality in the work place would make for an interesting discussion.

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