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internet debates: are you a special olympian?

I like to argue with people. Not because I enjoy arguments as such, but because i truly enjoy hearing why people believe what they believe. I can totally disagree with someone on any topic, but I won’t make it personal. I can even change my mind based on a person’s argument, if their evidence is compelling enough, I have no problem switching my perspective.

It is said that two topics you should never talk about in polite company are religion and politics. Mostly because both those topics are more likely to stir the passions than any other topic. People believe what they believe and woe to those who think they can change their minds.

Unfortunately, religion and politics are two topics that are really fun to debate.

A long while ago, I used to enjoy debating with some other bloggers about a variety of topics. Lately though, those arguments have been few and far between. There are a lot of reasons behind this lull in the action. Some of it is my fault, but some of it rises from the simple fact that as we get closer to an election, people stop arguing intelligently and start making personal attacks instead of arguing issues. While I can easily trade tit for tat, I really don’t enjoy calling people names when they disagree with me. I don’t get any satisfaction when I point out the flaws in someone’s argument and in return, I get called “moonbat,” or “unpatriotic,” or “demonazi,” or just simply, “moron.”

It is unfortunate that sometimes some of the most intellectual people resort to demonizing whole groups of people simply because they don’t share their ideology. Whether you are christian, mormon, pagan, muslim, republican, democrat, independent, white supremecist, black powerist, or anarchist, the easiest way to quell dissent is to start making attacks personal rather than focus on the issues.

When some of my favorite bloggers started to make name calling the structure from which they based their beliefs, I started to lose interest. Perhaps when the election is over, people will become more rational and less inclined to call people names in place of arguing issues. For now though… I just say, bleh.

2 thoughts on “internet debates: are you a special olympian?”

  1. I enjoy arguing too… or discussing topics rather. But you’re right when people revert to 12 year olds and their only argument is that you’re a “moonbat” then it’s not as fun anymore.

  2. Yes I agree, I had a friendly banter going with my friends boyfriend about the election. He then started wearing his feelings on his shoulders and couldn’t take the heat so I stopped all emails between us. I told him politics is politics, keep your personal feelings out of it. He couldn’t do that, so I told the 12 year old to hit the road.

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