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I am sitting here in a food induced semi-coma and reading about upcoming movies. I was enjoying the information until the editors snuck in some information about a bollywood movie… or an indian movie… east indian? Fuck who cares. That stuff is shit. Even the worst of American cinema beats the hell out of anything that emanates from that shit pile of a movie industry.

I am going on record with this… unless you live in a dirt hut, with straw for floor covering, and worship beef, you shouldn’t be thinking that bollywood movies are even remotely entertaining. If you do, you’re the saddest motherfucker on the face of the planet. Seriously. Two mentally challenged monkeys with a video camera and a flashlight could make a more entertaining film than anything that comes out of bollywood.

4 thoughts on “this just in…”

  1. e! You sound angry :-). Not a big fan of bollywood myself, but you are being a bit harsh. Most of what I see from this country is shit too. The last great film I saw was “No Country for Old Men” and I probably won’t see another great film for at least 5 years :-). I would love it if you made a list of your favorite films…

  2. LOL… no, not angry. I just really, really, dislike the idea that a bunch of really horrible actors singing and dancing in movies that are essentially plagarized versions of Western films can be considered an art form. Plus, the facial expressions they make when they do there thing? Creepy.

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