Inherently Different


I’m dying. Ok, well… I am sick and feel like death warmed over so to pass the time as I cough my lungs up, I’m watching The Office on netflix. Funny show, but not in the typical haha funny that is popular on television. No, this is more like the kind of funny that makes you uncomfortable and makes you wish you were somewhere else. I can’t really figure out whether I like the show because, well, I am torn.

Most of the time I like to make people uncomfortable. Watching someone else make people uncomfortable though makes me… well… uncomfortable. Now it could be the cold medicine talking, but I laugh out loud while watching this show and even that makes me uncomfortable. I was trying to figure it all out, thinking that it would be relagated down to one of life’s mysteries when it dawned on me. I know someone like Michael Scottt (played by Steve Carrel)… My friend acts just like him… ever since I can remember.

Then it made me uncomfortable to realize that I associate with and encourage him. Or it could be the cold medicine talking.

2 thoughts on “oblivious”

  1. Fell better! I have seen that show a couple times while visiting my mom and I sort of had mixed feelings about it too, but liked it. I don’t mind feeling uncomfortable which is probably why I like you :-). Also it is the cold medication talking :-).

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