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who watches the watchers

In 1986 DC comics published a 12 issue limited series called Watchmen. Being a huge fan of comics in general, this series completely destroyed everything I thought I knew about the concept of super heroes. The gritty, noir-like tale was a major hit and struck a chord with fans and critics.

One thing though… unlike a number of other comic franchises, Watchmen was a comic that no one believed could ever be brought to the screen without losing a great deal of what made it so fantastic.

Zack Snyder, he of 300 fame, completely dispels any notion that Watchmen would fail as cinema. The Red Queen and I caught it today at the local theater and I was blown away by how closely it followed the original material and how well it translated into film.

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  1. I know pretty much ZERO about comics and movies made from comics… it’s not a subject I’ve ever delved into. BUT, I read a post the other day about this movie and much the same was said. Sounds like he proved everyone wrong.

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