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giving the cold shoulder with a wet back

An atypical day in San Francisco
An atypical day in San Francisco

I like living in a tropical zone, but I do miss the mild summer weather in San Francisco every so often. Like today when the heat soared above 90, the trade winds died down, and the clouds kept the heat bottled in like a fat lady clinging to the last HoHo.

On days like this, I miss the bay area, when even the hottest summer day was comfortable.

Although I grew up in an area of San Diego County that is considered the High Desert — summer there delivered excessively hot days, — it is a dry heat. Here, the hotter the day, the higher the humidity. I suppose it stands to reason that humidity would be high here… we are, after all surrounded by some 6000 miles of water in every direction. As the temperature rises, so to does the evaporate from the ocean’s surface, making the area constantly… well, wet. Or threatening to be wet.

Maui has a couple thousand micro climates. Move a foot in any direction and chances are the temperature is different. I once straddled a crevice in the sidewalk and it was snowing on one side, and blowing a blazing hot dust storm on the other. True story.

So while you mainlanders enjoy another mild summer, thanks in part to Global Warming, think of me sweating like one of my people running from the border patrol.

2 thoughts on “giving the cold shoulder with a wet back”

  1. I live in a temperate climate and we’re supposed to have almost 100 degree temperatures today and tomorrow. NO FUN! Sticky is not the way I want to spend my day!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of humidity and heat together.
    And, I do not consider my summer mild so far!
    Doesn’t San Francisco have microclimates too? I think it’s kind of neat. I don’t know if it’s possible to have a snow storm and a hot dust storm on either side of a crevice though!

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