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something fishy this way comes

I was watching this special about fish populations and how it only takes about 2 years of human inactivity for fish populations to return to near normal. This then prompted thoughts about human population and I began wondering when scientist will recognize the fact that all humanities problems stem from overpopulation of humans.

Cut out 2/3 of the human population and every human problem from war to hunger to polution simply disappears.

Years and years ago, China placed a limit on how big a family their people could have. Even with these rules in place, China is still the world’s largest population. So big in fact that China could win a war without ever having to fire a shot (this according to some law in the Geneva Convention).

In nature, there are checks and balances that prevent a species from becoming overly abundant. Such inequalities of course tend to unbalance the food chain and cause diseases to manifest. These things will lower the population of grossly unbalanced populations.

Unfortunately, humans are technologically advanced and prevent these natural phenomena from balancing the population naturally. There is an old saying, “when you foolproof something, eventually someone will develop a better fool.” Someday mother nature will build a better virus or disease, one that technology will be powerless to stop.

Nice thought for a monday morning, eh?

4 thoughts on “something fishy this way comes”

  1. I can’t say it’s a nice thought, but it is a valid one. I think mother nature has one up on us, we’ll see that eventually.

  2. I agree that in man vs. mother nature, she kicks our ass every time. However, I don’t agree that depleting the population cures every ill that besets us. If there were but two men left on the planet, one of them would be pissed that the other one’s half was slightly larger, or a little more green, or any other excuse to try to take over and subjugate his only rival.

    Nature acts the same way, whether it’s a stag growing larger antlers or bears clawing bark as high on a tree as they can reach, every animal wants to be the dominant of it’s species. We just happen to have more interesting ways of killing each other.

  3. While I do agree that man is a competitive creature by nature, killing each other would probably take a back seat to simple survival in the short term. Of course, if simple survival is guaranteed by killing a few of the others competing for the same sources of food, water, and shelter, well then at least we’ll insure that only the “fittest” survive 🙂

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