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why can’t we be friends

Perhaps some of you have noticed my rather sparse blog roll over there on the right. Really there are only two “blogs” on that list (6togo and Frankly Speaking) and the others are just random links I have enjoy reading. 6togo is someone I know from real life and Frankly Speaking is written by a guy who I’d probably get along great with if we did indeed know each other in real life… and two people couldn’t be more different than frank and I.

The main reason why I only have a few links on my sidebar is because I tend to avoid new bloggers. Not because there is anything wrong with them, but because new bloggers usually peter out after a few months. The links I have on my sidebar have been around for some time. Possibly the newest blogger on there is the girl who writes Daily Coyote and she’s was blogging about a trip across the US on a scooter or some such before the coyote thing.

It seems that a lot of bloggers quit after a while. Sometimes it’s because people leave mean comments, sometimes because no one leaves comments, and sometimes just because. Which is one of the reasons I don’t really list many blogs on my blog roll since the turn over rate is so high. So, to sum up, its all your fault.

3 thoughts on “why can’t we be friends”

  1. I agree, I can see us having a good time over a beer or three. Most of my best friends are my polar opposites politically. I think it keeps things interesting.

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