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sat sri kal

The Red Queen found another Indian food restaurant today. I understand that it has only been open for about three days and if the number of people who were eating nearby is any indication, they’re gonna do really well. Maui doesn’t have a lot of great restaurants. Well, at least I don’t think so. I am a bit of a food snob when it comes to eating out. Having spent the better part of a decade in San Francisco, I got kind of spoiled when it comes to dining out. Even the shittiest dive in San Francisco is still leaps and bounds better than the average restaurant on Maui.

With this new Indian food place, there are now two in Kihei. You would think that the market wouldn’t bear another Indian restaurant, but the truth is the other place is really expensive. Since previously they were the only Indian food option, they could charge what they wanted and if you wanted Indian food, you had to buy from them. This new restaurant though is moderately priced and the food is really tasty. What this means for the other place I can’t say, but I would imagine they’ll have to do something to compete.

There are a number of ethnic food options that are under represented here on Maui if you’re looking for a restaurant opportunity. Thai and Chinese are lacking as are fine Italian and French cuisine.

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  1. San Francisco really is dining out heaven. Course, where I live now has a few or more good restaurants going for it too.
    As for Indian — Chicken Makhani – that’s one of my favorites… or Paalak Paneer.. yum!

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